Front Office Mastery Course
Morgan Millett

Welcome to the Front Office Mastery Course – your gateway to optimizing dental practice management. Master essential skills, streamline tasks, and boost revenue for just $299/year with access for up to 3 users. Plus, enjoy monthly webinars, a dedicated Slack Channel, and a FREE customizable handbook.

Comprehensive Training: Master dental terms, insurance procedures, daily/weekly/monthly tasks, scheduling, and more.
Monthly Webinars: Join exclusive webinars to deepen your understanding and interact with industry experts.
FREE Customizable Handbook: Get a handbook with task checklists adaptable to any dental office, aiding seamless daily management.
Ready to transform your dental practice?
What is Front Office Mastery Course?

Front Office Mastery Course is your go-to resource for mastering dental practice management.

Whether you’re an experienced office manager or new to the field, our course provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.

Be Efficient: Streamline your practice’s daily operations with proven strategies and expert guidance.
Drive Revenue Growth: Master insurance handling to maximize reimbursements and boost your practice’s bottom line.
Community Support: Engage with peers, ask questions, and share experiences in our dedicated Slack channel.
Morgan Millett
$299/Year Up to 3 users
FAQ: Your Questions Answered

A: The course is offered as a subscription, priced at $299/year, and allows access for up to 3 users from your practice.

A: Definitely! Our course covers fundamental dental terminology and procedures, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned office managers.

A: The handbook comprises daily, weekly, and monthly task checklists tailored for dental office efficiency. It’s customizable to suit your specific practice needs.

A: Yes, our course includes access to monthly webinars covering various practice management topics.

A: Absolutely! Our webinars offer a platform to interact with experienced professionals, ask questions, and gain valuable insights.

A: Upon purchase, you’ll receive login details for our course platform. From there, you can access all course materials and features.

A: Yes, up to 3 devices can log in & access the course using the same email address & password.

A: Yes, it is.
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Front Office Mastery Course Outline

MODULE 1 – Daily Tasks And EOD Reconciliation / Weekly Tasks

  • Efficiently manage daily tasks and larger responsibilities for streamlined practice operations.
  • Learn the right timing for tasks like insurance accounts receivable, statements, and unscheduled appointments.

MODULE 2 – Patient Payments, Statements, Financial Policies, Financing

  • Master patient payment handling, financial policy implementation, and generating statements.
  • Discover strategies for offering financing options and discounts to enhance patient satisfaction.

MODULE 3 – End of Month Checklist

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of essential monthly tasks and reports.
  • Learn how to prevent fraud, analyze practice reports, and optimize collections percentages.

MODULE 4 – Appointments and Scheduling

  • Develop effective scheduling guidelines and policies for optimized patient flow and managing appointments.
  • Improve over-the-phone verbal skills and communication for enhanced patient interactions.

MODULE 5 – Scrubbing the Schedule and Visit Form System

  • Understand the concept of “scrubbing the schedule” and how it optimizes appointment management.
  • Implement efficient check-in and checkout systems for a seamless patient experience.

MODULE 6 – Common Terms To Know / Types Of Insurance Plans

  • Understand common dental insurance terminology.
  • Identify and differentiate between the main types of insurance plans and understand how they are funded.

MODULE 7 – Insurance Verifications And How To Fill Out A Benefit Breakdown Form

  • Master dental insurance codes and verification form completion.
  • Ensure accurate dental claims submissions.

MODULE 8 – Treatment Planning

  • Calculate patient portions for In-Network and Out-of-Network insurance plans.
  • Accurately calculate deductibles and copay plans for precise treatment planning.

MODULE 9 – Dual Insurance

  • Understand primary and secondary insurance coverage.
  • Learn about essential concepts such as the birthday rule, non-duplication coordination of benefits, and when to collect or write off insurance balances.

MODULE 10 – Insurance Payments and EOBs

  • Learn to accurately post insurance payments and interpret EOBs.
  • Implement an efficient system for EOB filing.

MODULE 11 – Sending Claims And Working On The Insurance Aging Report

  • Discover checklists and guidelines for sending claims and preauthorizations efficiently.
  • Learn how to resend claims correctly and address claim errors effectively.
  • Understand the correct way to work on the insurance aging report for timely follow-up.

MODULE 12 – Appeals and Refunds

  • Gain valuable tips and strategies for writing effective appeals and achieving favorable outcomes.
  • Learn when to authorize and when to appeal insurance refunds for optimal financial management.
  • Understand the importance of a systematic filing system for refunds and appeals.

MODULE 13 – Enhancing Documentation Practices for Front Office Efficiency

  • Understand front office documentation needs and the importance of detailed clinical notes.
  • Learn to utilize templates and automation for efficient documentation.

MODULE 14 – Documenting Systems

  • Recognize the significance of creating documented systems for practice management.
  • Effectively utilize the provided handbook for better documentation practices.
Are you:
A dental office manager who’s struggling with the headache of cancellations, no-shows, and trying to keep the financial ship afloat?
Dental practice owner, who’s tired of burning through cash to run your clinic and scratching your head over the dental insurance labyrinth? (Spoiler alert: I’ve got the hacks you need!)
Receptionist, caught in the chaos of overbooking, under booking, and constant scheduling clashes?

Then this course is for you!

Transform your dental practice today with Front Office Mastery Course – the key to efficient and profitable practice management.

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