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MODULE 1 – Daily tasks and EOD reconciliation/ Weekly tasks

  • List of Daily tasks
  • Creating your own task list that fits your office.
  • EOD reconciliation, Deposit Slip, and Day Sheets.
  • When to do larger tasks- Insurance AR, Statements, Unscheduled appointments, AR and CB reports.

MODULE 2 – Patient Payments, Statements, Financial Policies, Financing

  • Checklists for patient payments
  • Maintaining a petty cash log
  • Implementing checklists and systems for statements
  • Offering financing options and extending discounts

MODULE 3 – End of Month Checklist

  • Monthly Tasks and reports
  • Steps that need to be taken to avoid fraud and embezzlement.
  • How to analyze your practice analysis reports
  • Importance of Collections percentage

MODULE 4 – Appointments and Scheduling

  • Creating Scheduling guidelines
  • How to create a cancellation list
  • Is block scheduling effective?
  • Making your office policy on no-shows/cancellations
  • Appointment checklists
  • Answering the phones, scripting, verbiage, etc.

MODULE 5 – Scrubbing the Schedule and Visit Form System

  • What is Scrubbing the schedule and what it entails.
  • A system that can streamline the check-in and checkout process.
  • Crossing off items as a front and back office team
The girl work online

MODULE 6 – Common terms to know/types of insurance plans

  • Comprehensive understanding of common insurance terminology
  • Main types of insurance plans and how they are funded

MODULE 7 – Insurance Verifications and How to fill out a benefit breakdown form

  • General overview of Dental Insurance Codes
  • How to fill out a verification form
  • Information required for completing and submitting dental claims

MODULE 8 – Treatment Planning

  • Calculating patient portions for In Network and Out Of Network insurance plans
  • Calculating the deductible and co-pay plan.

MODULE 9 – Dual Insurance

  • Primary Insurance vs. Secondary Insurance
  • Birthday rule
  • Non-duplicating coordination of benefit
  • When to collect and when to write off

MODULE 10 – Insurance Payments and EOBs

  • Checklists and guidelines for posting insurance payments
  • Reading EOBs and remarks
  • Filing EOBs system

MODULE 11 -Sending Claims and working on the insurance aging report

  • Checklists and guidelines for sending claims and preauthorizations
  • Steps that need to be taken to resend claims as well as correct claims.
  • The correct way to work on the insurance aging report

MODULE 12 – Appeals and Refunds

  • Tips and tricks to write effective appeals and win them!
  • When to authorize and when to appeal insurance refunds
  • Filing EOBs system

MODULE 13 – Enhancing Documentation Practices for Front Office Efficiency

  • CWhat documentation does the front office need from the back office.
  • Diagnosis and reason for treatment in the clinical notes
  • Setting up note templates and or using the PMS Auto-note feature

MODULE 14 – Documenting Systems

  • Importance of creating the systems and documenting them.
  • Going through the handbook and filling it out