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Course Module 1

Uncover the secrets to a thriving practice:
  • Master daily task prioritization for optimal efficiency.
  • Elevate patient experience with seamless greetings, appointments, payments, and communication.
  • Streamline weekly tasks, from statements and insurance claims to appointments and patient balances.
  • Boost billing accuracy and timeliness with end-of-day reports.
  • Enhance financial transactions with advanced deposit slip techniques.
  • Secure and organize your office with closing procedures that ensure peace of mind.

What’s in it for you?

Maximize productivity and save precious time.
Delight patients with exceptional service and attention.
Simplify financial and administrative tasks for stress-free operations.
Optimize revenue through accurate billing and efficient claims processing.
Create a secure, organized, and professional environment.

Here’s what you stand to gain….

Improved financial accuracy.
Time and cost savings.
Enhanced transparency.
Increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Course Module 2

Are inconsistent payment records causing frustration and consequences?
Take charge of your financial processes and transform your practice with accurate patient payment management!
Discover in this course:
  • Accurate payment documentation for reference and reconciliation.
  • Transparent transactions with cash logs and petty cash boxes.
  • Consistent cash management through regular audits.
  • Streamlined payments with personalized statements and secure credit card storage.
  • Increased case acceptance with flexible payment options.
  • Equal discounts for insured and uninsured patients through proper documentation.
  • Addressing financial hardships with balance forgiveness and polite patient dismissal.

Course Module 3

Discover essential strategies and techniques for:
  • Streamlining monthly tasks and reports to enhance practice management.
  • Safeguarding against fraud through personalized logins and audit trail reports.
  • Effectively managing credit balances and adhering to state guidelines.
  • Leveraging Practice Analysis Reports analyzing practice performance.
  • Boosting collections and optimizing financial systems for greater efficiency.

What’s your piece of the pie?

Unlock strategies for practice growth and success.
Boost practice efficiency and performance.
Optimize collections for increased revenue.
Prevent fraud and maximize financial security.

Have a look at the benefits

Master the Art of Efficient Scheduling
Boost Patient Satisfaction
Optimize Practice Revenue
Enhance Team Collaboration

Course Module 4

You will have the opportunity to learn about:
  • The fundamentals of effective scheduling in a front office setting.
  • Techniques for creating a scheduling guide tailored to your practice’s needs.
  • Optimize your schedule by understanding procedure times and utilizing back office staff efficiently.
  • The benefits of block scheduling and how to implement it for improved productivity.
  • Strategies for filling open slots using a cancellation list and managing last-minute cancellations.
  • The importance of implementing a cancellation and no-show policy.
  • Tips for providing exceptional customer service during appointment scheduling.
  • The role of appointment checklists in gathering essential information for efficient scheduling.

Course Module 5

Do you need help to streamline your dental appointments for optimal efficiency?
You will gain valuable knowledge and insights on:
  • Understanding and implementing the process of “scrubbing the schedule.”
  • Practical techniques for confirming appointments and verifying insurance coverage
  • Streamlining operations through the use of route slips
  • Improving office efficiency and enhancing the patient experience

Discover the advantages:

Enhanced efficiency
Improved patient experience
Effective communication
Optimal operations
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Unlock unlimited access for only
$299 per year
* For new clients, the price increases by $10 per year every two months