Custom Admin Codes for Dental Front Office

Here are some custom admin codes I like to use, and so does my team!

I spend most of my time in patient ledgers, which allows me not to toggle back and forth between patient forms, chart notes, documents, etc.

These are all NO CHARGE codes! And it helps to have these codes in ALL CAPS so they are easy to spot!

    NO SHOW and LATE TO APPT: My front desk girls like to keep track of patients that are notorious for being late or who have no-shows (3 strikes and you’re out!). It helps us optimize the schedule and possibly double-book if we aren’t quite ready to dismiss the patient.
  2. REFERRAL RELATED: I LOVE being able to see in the ledger when patients are referred out to specialists. If I see that we referred a patient to an endodontist, then I know that the patient has likely maxed out their insurance. I can double-check that I have the proper narrative in my claims without having to toggle back and forth between patient documents and chart notes.
  3. HEALTH HISTORY & PERIO CHARTING: I like being able to see these codes in the ledger, it really does help when I am preparing Visit Forms for next-day appointments, and we can treatment plan these codes to be done at a future visit as well.
  4. OPTIONAL, SENT STATEMENT: Depending on which PMS your office uses, you may not need to use this code. I like to see how often I’m sending statements to certain patients, just as a quick reference.

These codes help me keep track of important patient information, such as appointment attendance, referrals, and health history. I also use them to see how often I send statements to certain patients.

If you want to learn more about custom admin codes and how to use them effectively in your dental practice, I encourage you to join our Front Office Friend Courses.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about custom admin codes, including how to create, assign, and track them. You’ll also learn how to use custom admin codes to improve your patient communication, billing accuracy, and overall efficiency.

Thank you for reading!

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